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Robust garage doors made to your exact specifications to not only secure your premises, but beautify it as well!

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Our Story

Anyone who has had a poor experience with an in-home repair technician can relate to the anxiety that can arise when waiting for a repair person to show up at their door.  Will they be on time?  Will they be clean?  How about professional?  I hope I don’t get a salesperson who wants to paint a picture of doom and gloom and inform me that my whole system needs to be replaced…  Will he/she over-charge me?  How will I know if they do? These are just some of the concerns homeowners may have run through their heads when calling a so called “in-home professional.”  We can’t blame them.  Unfortunately, the garage door industry isn’t immune to companies that only further those concerns with questionable repair standards and sales tactics.

It’s for this reason Rampart Garage Doors was founded.  We’re changing the way a garage door company operates.  We pride ourselves first and foremost on our customer service.  I know many companies out there say that, but we’ve delivered a business model that truly embodies it!  So much so, your satisfaction plays a large part in how our technicians are compensated.  No “sales-quotas” here.  Our technicians are paid on salary and receive bonuses based on the reviews they receive from our customers.  Not based on sales commissions.  This helps ensure that the technician has your needs first in his/her mind, not the dollar amount of the services provided.

What We Offer

“A high level of customer service is great, but am I going to be paying an arm and a leg for it then” you may ask.  The answer is absolutely not! We offer everyday low fixed prices that are backed by a low price guarantee. We also provide FREE quotes with no service call fee.

Fixed Price

Everyday Low Fixed Prices

We offer everyday low fixed prices. If you were hoping to go round and round negotiating a price with your garage door technician, perhaps we aren’t the company for you. Ever call a repair company looking for pricing and they fight you tooth and nail to try and avoid giving you anything over the phone? It seems that all they want to do is send a “technician” to the home to give you a price in person, and all too often, they want to charge you a service call for the trip out to boot! There is a good chance the reason why they are coy about the pricing is either because they know what it is (and it’s high) or that they don’t have any fixed pricing model in place and they are allowing the “technician” to go out to your home and sell the service for whatever they can. In fact, different technicians within the very same company will likely give you very different quotes for the same repair. This is simply not the case with Rampart Garage Doors.

Rampart About Us

Lowest Price Guarantee

"So flat pricing sounds great" you might be saying, "but how do I know that your rates are comparable or better than your competition?" Easy. We guarantee it. We offer a price match guarantee like no other. We call it our “14 Day buyer’s remorse-free guarantee.” In short, have us provide the service today, and if you can get a better deal in writing in the next 14 days, we will either beat that price by 5% or issue you a full refund. This helps puts our customers mind’s at ease that they are getting the best service at the best price guaranteed.

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FREE Quotes - No Service Call

Need more of a reason to call Rampart Garage Doors? How about you test-drive us for free? We don’t charge a service call to customers within our service area to come on out and give you a free, no-obligation estimate within normal business hours. Still not 100% sure on who to choose to come out and service your garage door? See what our past customers are saying about us!

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

We are here to help!  Please feel free to contact us with any of your garage door questions.

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