When you need a Technician NOT a Salesperson

Many garage door repair companies charge “service call fees” to help offset their cost of sending a technician to your home to bid on the repair in case they don’t get the job. Some charge $39, $49 or even $89 just to come out and give you a quote.   If you choose to go through with that particular company to perform the repairs, some will credit the “service call fee” back to you to help offset the repair costs, while others just charge you a service call fee in addition to other repairs recommended.


Either way, you are already on the hook with them for some amount of money.  If you want to get multiple bids (which is always a good idea), be prepared to pay multiple service calls.  Depending on the cost of the service calls and number of bids you recieve, you could potentially spend more in gathering quotes than what the repair should cost to have completed in the first place.


That’s just not the case with Rampart Garage Doors.  We are confident that once you meet our professional technician, hear his/her evaluation of the repairs required and the cost associated with those repairs, you won’t need to look any further. 


We greatly appreciate the opportunity to have us out in the first place, the last thing we would do is charge you for the trip.

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From Bringing New Life to Existing Doors All the Way to Installing New Ones; Let Rampart Garage Doors Help You Out!

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