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Broken garage door torsion spring? We got you covered! We carry over 50 springs on our service vehicles to help facilitate a timely and efficient repair. Rampart Garage Doors understands that a broken spring can put an abrupt halt to your plans. Often a car ends up being trapped in your garage as a result, and it usually occurs at the most inopportune of times. For this reason, we try and expedite these jobs to make sure that you can get out and on with your day.

Why does a spring fail? Typically, due to metal fatigue.  A torsion springs life is rated in something referred to as “cycles.”  Every time your door opens and closes, your spring has expelled a cycle from its estimated service life.  For example, if you have a 15,000-cycle count spring on your garage door and use your door an average of five times per day, you should expect to get somewhere around 8 years of service before running into a broken torsion spring.

Of course, other factors can play a role, like corrosion or an improperly installed/wound spring, for example.

What does an average spring cost?  That can vary greatly depending on the size of the door.  This is because all springs are sized to the weight of the door.  The larger and heavier the door, the larger the spring(s) need to be.  The larger the spring, the more expensive they are.

In general, for a standard 7ft. tall, non-insulated, steel sectional door, you are typically looking at around $79 to $89 per spring, plus labor to install them, of course.

Rampart Garage Doors understands that feeling safe is one of the things that make your house a home, and that is why they offer an essential service like spring replacement for your broken torsion springs. Ensuring that your sectional, roll-up garage door in San Diego works properly is as important as securing your windows and doors. Being experts with years of experience under our belt, we can carry out repairs promptly on all residential garage doors, restoring security and your peace of mind in the process. The Rampart Garage Doors professionals are always ready to assist you with such repairs and will attend to your garage door issues quickly. Hence, Rampart Garage Doors should be your first choice for garage door repair in San Diego when the need arises.

Why Does My Garage Door Have A Spring?”

Let’s first address why garage doors need springs in the first place. Springs act as a counterbalance for your garage door.  Sectional garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, and most garage door motors can’t comfortably lift much weight at all.  In fact, think of your garage door opener as a creature comfort that simply automates your garage door in a way, so you don’t have to get out of the car and lift the door yourself.

Thinking of it in those terms, if we were to lift the garage door manually, lifting potentially hundreds of pounds overhead would be challenging, to say the least.  That’s where springs come in to play.  Your garage door springs do all the heavy lifting and make that heavy garage door feel something more like 20lbs, as an example.  That’s why if you have ever lifted your garage door manually in the past, it didn’t feel like it weighed much at all.

With broken garage door springs, however, much more of the door’s actual weight becomes realized.  If you try and open the door with an opener at this point, damage can occur to both the door and motor as the motor would struggle to lift the additional weight.  Often, the door only opens a few inches before the motor overloads and shuts off.  Likewise, if you were to try and disengage the door from the motor at this juncture and lift it, you would notice the door is incredibly heavy!

WARNING: A garage door with a broken spring should NEVER be operated.  We recommend contacting a local licensed, insured, and bonded professional immediately.

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Types of Sectional Garage Doors Springs

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Overhead Sectional Garage doors can have any number of springs and/ a couple of varieties. Single car, steel sectional doors often have a singular spring responsible for lifting the door, while two-car steel sectional doors most often employ two.  Wood sectional doors and/or Carriage House Wood Sectional Doors can enlist the aid of four springs to get their robust construction safely off the ground.

Garage doors usually have multiple springs on both sides, and they don’t open properly when one breaks. Fortunately, Rampart Garage Doors provides garage door repair in Carlsbad in which our experts replace the broken torsion spring in no time. Not only do we have the proper training and tools to replace such garage door parts in San Diego, but do so safely and quickly so that your house is secure again.

As for spring varieties, to this point, we have discussed torsion springs primarily, as they are the most common in and around San Diego.  Below is an in-depth description of how torsion spring works, as well as another variety that can be found on older overhead door systems:

Extension Springs

Extension springs are not commonly found on steel sectional garage doors around San Diego and are typically associated with older properties. They do, however, exist, and we occasionally come across them.  An extension spring counterbalance system will typically have either one or two springs above the horizontal section of the track on either side of the door.  As the door closes and transitions from horizontal to vertical, gravity begins to take over.  The spring “extends” to help counteract the increased weight of the door as it closes.  Once the door is fully closed, the spring is fully extended and under extreme tension.  When the door begins to open, the spring contracts and provides the necessary counterbalance to assist in opening the door.  One of the detracting factors with this older style system is that the two sides work independently of one another, which often leads to a bit rougher door operation compared to torsion springs.  It is never recommended to replace just one extension spring.  Since both sides operate independently of one another, when one spring is replaced from one side, a spring should also be replaced from the other to ensure balanced operation left to right.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are found on most sectional garage doors around San Diego county these days. Torsion springs are typically mounted directly above your sectional garage door (though there are a couple of variants).  The springs are attached to a fixed anchor point at one end of the spring and to a torsion bar at the other that evenly distributes their lifting ability to either side of the garage door.  As the doors closes, the torsion springs wind/twist up to help counteract the garage door’s increasing weight.  When the door is closed, the springs are fully wound up and are under extreme tension.  As the door opens, the springs uncoil, releasing the necessary energy to help open your door.

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  • Rampart Garage Doors carries a wide variety of springs for different makes and models of garage doors. For efficient repairs, we always carry many of the most common size springs on our service vehicles.  This way, we can save time and reach you to make the repair promptly and without multiple trips, getting you back to your day quicker.
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