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Unfortunately, garage doors can fail in drastic ways for a variety of reasons. If your garage door comes off the track or has a cable that unspools from the counterbalance system, in the industry, we often refer to these instances as “crashed doors.” In the process of the door failing, components and personal property are often adversely affected. We can certainly take care of your broken garage door in San Diego! It’s important when something like this happens to clear away from the door and immediately contact Rampart Garage Doors or another qualified professional. Crashed doors can pose an EXTREMELY dangerous situation if handled improperly.

Once a garage door crashes, it becomes inoperable.  Do not try to open or close it as additional damage can occur to the door and motor.  The professionals at Rampart Garage Doors are all too familiar with such problems. They know how to get you back on track (no pun intended) within a reasonable budget and to your satisfaction. For us, completing a garage door repair in San Diego only takes an hour or two. Whether the torsion springs have stopped working or you backed into the garage door with your car and caused a sizeable dent, we can provide options to get you back up and running. No repair job or installation is too complicated for us. Having worked in the industry for more than a decade, we have seen and done it all.

A repair only stays as strong as the maintenance it receives. We recommend all our customers perform a yearly maintenance checkup on their garage door to ensure that none of the parts have rusted. Along with garage door repair in Carlsbad, we also offer maintenance packages that include the inspection of all the doors moving parts, lubrication, tightening of all the doors hardware, assessing your door’s seals, and adjustment of spring tension to balance properly.  As for the motor, we check to ensure that the unit’s safety features are working as they should, that the force and limit settings on the motor do not require re-calibration, and of course, lubrication of the motor when applicable.  All these components form a system on which the door operates, and the door can stop functioning if even one of them fails.

Our Standard Crashed Door Service

What Our Basic Garage Door Repair in Carlsbad Includes

Any kind of garage door repair in Oceanside our experienced team offers is designed to improve your garage door’s life and ease of operation. When your door crashes, things can sometimes be catastrophic, but when possible, we do everything we can to get your current system back up and running again. Often even better than it has run in years!

When it comes to repairing a crashed garage door, we provide the following:

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Common Reasons Why A Garage Door Crashes

There are a variety of reasons why a garage door can crash. Sometimes the cause is as obvious as someone backing into the door or closing the door on an object.  Other times it is not so apparent.  Below are some reasons why your door can fail:

Torsion or Extension Springs

If your spring is failing to keep proper tension on your cables (particularly when your door is open), it may be time for replacement. Springs can fatigue to the point they are not conducive for continued safe operation of the door. This can occur even without them breaking. Other times, it may not be as obvious. If your springs have not been adjusted for some time, it is possible that all they need is a bit of fine tuning to restore proper balance and tension to your counterbalance system.

Improperly Adjusted Motor

Your garage door opener has a few different settings on them, and none is arguably more important than its force settings. The force settings on a garage door motor dictates how much force (or pressure) your opener will use to both open and close your garage door. If this setting is improperly set, it will limit your systems ability to realize that it is closing on an obstruction. If this occurs, it may continue to close the door regardless of what it has hit and cause the door to come off the track. This is not to mention potentially causing significant damage to the door and whatever your door has come in contact with!

Photo Eyes

As many refer to them, your photo eyes, or safety sensors, are there to prevent the door from closing on something during operation. If they are not correctly installed or not properly working, they can allow the door to close on an object/obstruction, causing the door to dislodge and crash.


The cables on either side of the garage door are responsible for carrying the entirety of the weight of your door. These cables can fray or rust with age, causing them to become brittle and snap. When this occurs, your garage door will only be tied into your counterbalance system on one side, causing the door to crash and turn diagonal in your garage's opening.

A crashed garage door should be immediately looked at by repair professionals. If handled improperly, you can get hurt while opening or closing it. Therefore, we urge you to call for a qualified professional immediately and have it inspected and repaired.

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