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The garage door is the largest moving component in most homes, yet it often gets overlooked until something fails. It is encouraged that you have your door maintained annually. This includes checking that all the safety features of your system are still properly working, that the door(s) are working smoothly and are balanced, and that all the moving parts on your system are properly adjusted and lubricated. This will help ensure that your door gives you as many trouble-free cycles as possible with minimized service interruptions.

Make sure that your garage door is working properly by availing Rampart Garage Doors’ maintenance services. A garage door is an important feature of your home that needs consistent upkeep as it is often the primary entry point into your home. Whether you have an automatic or manual garage door, it is imperative that the door remains balanced through properly adjusted springs.  Lubrication of all the applicable moving components will also greatly help with reducing wear and tear and prevent binding and/or resistance during operation.

If you have a motor also assisting with the operation of the door, it is important to periodically make sure that the force and limit settings are adjusted properly and that the safety sensors are functioning as intended.

Rampart Garage Doors’ annual maintenance service is recommended at this stage. We provide repairs and maintenance services, making us stand out from other San Diego garage door companies.

What the Maintenance Service Involves

Our standard maintenance plan for garage door repairs in Encinitas and all surrounding areas starts off with a visual inspection of all the moving parts on your garage door.  Any damaged or concerning parts will be brought to your attention.  Otherwise, we will lubricate all applicable moving parts, tighten down all hardware, make any adjustments needed to the door’s springs and opener and check that all the safety features are working as intended.  Below are just some of the items we inspect and service while out.

    • Torsion or Extension Springs
    • Rollers
    • Hinges
    • Bearings
    • Door Panels
    • Tracks and Hangs
    • Jamb & Flag Brackets
    • Center Anchor Plate
    • Cables & Drums
    • Torsion Tube
    • Vinyl & Bottom Seals
    • Bottom Retainer
    • Top & Bottom Fixtures

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Why Hire Us for Garage Door Maintenance

  • A garage door that does not open or close correctly is frustrating and dangerous to use. Hence, we recommend annual maintenance done by a professional like Rampart Garage Doors.


At Rampart Garage Doors, our maintenance plan is designed to ensure that your garage door gives you as many trouble-free cycles as possible with minimized service interruptions. Here is how our tune-up helps you:

Ensures Door Balance

The key to longevity and flawless movement of your garage door is balance.

The main contributor to your doors balance is naturally the counterbalance system.  We make sure that your springs are sized appropriately and adjusted correctly to facilitate in this.

Ensures A Tight Fit

We adjust door parts and snug up hardware to make sure the door is operating safely.

Sometimes, all a garage door needs is a good servicing from experts. Your garage door may not be opening properly due to a loose fastener allowing for a component to bind.

Ensures ALL Safety Features are in Working Order

Automatic doors can require a professional hand.

Garage door openers have several safety features in place designed to keep the resident, and everything around them, out of harm’s way.  To make sure that these systems are working and adjusted properly however, we recommend a licensed service professional to annually inspect and maintain the system.

Ensures Smooth, and Quiet, Operation

The squeaky wheel doesn’t always get the grease!

One of the items most often neglected on a garage door is lubrication.  There are several moving parts on a door that require periodic lubrication to ensure they operate smoothly and quietly.  If these components are not regularly maintained, they can fail prematurely and cause significant resistance in the system.  If your door is squealing or screeching, odds are you should be giving us a call.

Just like you schedule maintenance for your car, you should consider doing the same for the largest moving object in your home. When was the last time your garage door was serviced?  If it has been more than a year, we recommend remedying that.  Call us today for an appointment!

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