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From Repairing Existing Garage Doors All the Way to Installing New Ones; Let Rampart Garage Doors Help You Out!

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Do you have a large, wooden, tilt-up door that has seen better days? We are your San Diego overhead door specialists – whether you are looking for a repair or replacement, Rampart Garage Doors is well versed in all types of overhead garage doors in San Diego.

Wooden tilt-up doors are typically found on older systems, but just because a system is old, does not necessarily mean you need to discard it.  Perhaps your extension springs need replacement, or your hinges are worn and now creating a dangerous situation for continued operation.  These issues are quite common with tilt-up doors and are certainly repairable. 

There may even be a reason why the garage door was not updated to a newer, sectional door in the first place.  It is possible the garage was designed in a way that makes it not conducive for a sectional rollup.  Low ceilings, low-hanging support beams that cut across the garage or room additions can all make adding a sectional door challenging, if not impossible.  We are always more than happy though to come on out and provide you with options for your specific situation.

However, if the garage door is badly worn, and room permits, it may be time to replace your door with something a bit more modern.  If a new system is what is in order, let us assist you in designing and picking out that perfect garage door for your home.

Garage Door Repair San Diego. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

From Bringing New Life to Existing Doors All the Way to Installing New Ones; Let Rampart Garage Doors Help You Out!

Key Features of a One-Piece Tilt-Up Door

With most things in life, there are pros and cons to consider when comparing a wood one-piece door to a newer sectional-style door. For example, one-piece tilt up doors have fewer moving parts, which means fewer things that can potentially fail.  The downside is that when they do fail, things can tend to become a bit dicey. 

From a safety perspective, there are two huge issues we would like to point out.  The extension springs mounted on either side of the door is the first of those items.  With tilt-up doors, you typically find the springs mounted at either side of the garage door.  This tends to be a high foot traffic area for pedestrians as they walk around their car.  When the door is closed, these springs are fully stretched and are under extreme tension.

*** WARNING: It is never recommended to handle a garage door spring while it is under tension.  If done, injury or worse can occur.  Please contact us, or another licensed professional, before handling if you have questions. ***

Eventually, like all springs, when they break it causes significant risk to anyone (or anything) around it.  With safety advancements over the years, they began running a safety loop/wire through the interior of the spring to keep parts somewhat contained, but there is still an area around the spring that posses a danger even with it in place. 

By comparison, most sectional overhead doors have the torsion springs located above the door opening, away from foot traffic and vehicles.  This creates a much safer environment when the spring inevitably fails.

The other item to play close attention to with one-piece doors are the hinge plates on either side of the door that the springs are attached to.  There is a main pivot point on each plate that the door pivots on and are responsible for carrying the load of the door.  Over time they can fail, and either shear off or pull out of the plate.  When a main pivot point does fail, there is little supporting the door during operation and the door can come collapse into the garage as a result.

When it comes to providing our customers with products or garage door repair San Diego, we strive to deliver quality solutions with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.

It is strongly recommended to have these doors, like any other garage door, maintained and inspected on an annual basis to ensure safe operation of the system.

The Benefits of an overhead garage Door

Stylized San Diego Overhead Doors

If a new door is in your future though, we certainly feel that you cannot go wrong with a new sectional roll up door garage doors in San Diego. They have several key benefits over the older, one-piece varieties that include, but are not limited to;

As a trusted overhead door company in San Diego, we pride ourselves on delivering affordable services and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Are you looking for a garage door design that matches your home perfectly? Contact our qualified installers to learn more about the custom design options we have available. 

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