Weather Seal and Vinyl Replacement

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Protecting Your House & You

It is quite common for your bottom or vinyl perimeter seals to fail over time. Whether they have warped and cracked from exposure to the outdoors, been chewed away at by pests or have become brittle due to paint/overspray, it is important to keep them functioning optimally to ensure a proper seal.

When you need an effective and quick garage door repair in Carlsbad, Encinitas, or anywhere in the San Diego County, call Rampart Garage Doors today. Our team of knowledgeable technicians are locked and loaded with all types of garage door parts in San Diego and can complete a seal replacement in no time at all. 

All our vinyl and bottom seals are made of high-quality, durable materials that will restore your failed seals to their former glory.

Does Your Garage Door Seal Need to be Replaced?

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Often, homeowners don’t inspect the weather seal of a garage door during their maintenance routine. Due to regular exposure, the rubber or vinyl material of the weather seal cracks allow damaging elements to enter your home. Below are the signs of a damaged weather seal:

No matter how minor the damage, call for a garage door repair in North County San Diego immediately. 

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Types of Weather Seals

Garage door weather seals are available in many different materials. At Rampart we offer the best quality weather seals on the market, including:

Benefits of A Quality Weather Seal For Your Garage Door

Supplying Quality Garage Door Parts in San Diego

A perfectly-installed weather seal protects your garage from damage, prolonging its usable life. We provide high-quality garage door parts in San Diego because our number-one priority is to offer our clients value. 

Below are the advantages of having a quality weather seal professionally installed:


Weatherstripping helps to reduce your energy bill, especially during winter. When properly installed, weather seals allow you to work in your garage comfortably without running the heater.

Protects Your House

A weather seal helps keep out the elements, rodents, bugs, and debris from that occasional run-in with a leaf blower outside protecting your belongings from any damage.

Protects Your Garage Doors

A failed spring can cause your garage door to shut down instantly, which can cause damage to the bottom edges. A weather seal cushions the impact and prevents the bottom surface from becoming uneven.

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