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Having trouble opening your garage door? Aside from your springs, your opener is the next likely culprit.  Motors can fail for a variety of reasons and are often repairable.  When possible, Rampart Garage Doors always offers a repair vs. replacement option and will detail what to expect from both.

We service all major brands, including but not limited to Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, All-Star, Genie, Linear, Marantec, Sommer, Guardian, Martin, Raynor, Overhead Door, and Skylink, to name a few.  We even carry replacement parts for several of these manufacturers for the most common failure points on our service vehicles to ensure an expedited repair.

In the event, your opener is not repairable, or you opt to replace it with an upgraded unit, we have you covered!  Many new openers today have all kinds of bells and whistles, such as on-board battery backup systems, integrated WiFi so that your door can be controlled through a free app on your smartphone, Amazon Key, which allows authorized shippers to gain access to an Amazon Prime customer’s garage to drop off packages securely, integrated LED lighting system, digital wall displays, motion detection lights, and even a camera that can help alert you if anyone has gotten into your garage.  This pairs well with the Amazon Key feature to ensure your delivery driver is leaving the package and closing the garage door behind them.  The list of features is ever-growing!  Rampart is your local San Diego garage door repair service provider; call us today to find out more.

** UPDATE:  As of July 1st of 2019, a new code was implemented in California that requires all newly installed garage door motors to include an onboard battery backup.  If your system was installed before the aforementioned date, you are grandfathered into the new code, but please note that any new motor installation, or door installation, will require you to upgrade your opener.  Call us with any questions! **

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We Can Fix It All

The most common issues with a garage door opener in San Diego are:

  • The opener will not lift the door all the way up
  • The opener will not close the garage door or closes it partway and comes back open again
  • Your safety sensors are not lit up and/or aligned, causing your door not to close properly
  • The motor sounds like it is running, but the door is not moving
  • The garage door opener makes a loud grinding noise, and the door stops dead in its tracks
  • The wall console/button is unresponsive
  • Your outdoor keypad or remote control(s) are unresponsive
  • You have to be right next to your garage door opener for the remote to work

After the issue has been identified, our professional will inspect the motor and decide whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Motor Repair

If your motor is not functioning properly, fear not!  It is not always inevitable that your opener must be replaced.  Typically, it is a relatively small part that is the cause of the failure.  In fact, it often is the case your garage door is causing your motor to misbehave in the first place.  Determining the underlying issue at hand is something we at Rampart Garage Doors specializes in.  We carry several parts for the most common openers on the market, so chances are we can fix your operator on the spot.  The good news is that we have worked on numerous brands, such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, All-Star, Genie, Linear, Marantec, Sommer, Guardian, Martin, Raynor, Overhead Door, and Skylink. Your garage door opener in San Diego is often not the reason behind the malfunctioning motor; call us today for more information.

Motor Replacement

Before ever entertaining the idea of replacing your opener, we make sure that a repair to your garage door motor in San Diego is out of the question. We can provide a variety of openers from most all major manufacturers that should fit your needs and budget.  If you have a brand preference, let us know and we will make sure you get exactly what you want!  Otherwise, leave it to us.  We use only the highest quality products on the market and back it with our 1-year parts and labor promise.  This is often in addition to a parts warranty provided directly from the manufacturer as well, ensuring that your system is covered for years to come.

Making Small Repairs

Sometimes, It’s An Unresponsive Opener

Did you know that your motor may be unresponsive to your outdoor keypad, handheld remote control(s), and/or your car’s Homelink button due to a light bulb!?  It’s true!  Most major motor manufacturers do not recommend using LED lightbulbs in their openers.  Why, may you ask?  Well, garage door openers operate by using radio waves, similar to how a remote-controlled car works. LED lights have drivers inside the bulbs, which may produce a field that interferes with the garage door motors signal, preventing the door from responding to radio-controlled devices appropriately.  This shouldn’t affect the wall button in your garage since it should be hardwired to the motor and doesn’t rely on radio waves to communicate.  If your wall button works, but everything else seems a bit spotty, we recommend looking at your bulbs!  We recommend replacing an LED lightbulb with an incandescent or purchasing an LED bulb that is safe for garage doors.  Refer to your owner’s manual for proper wattage. Feel free to contact our garage door repair San Diego experts today if you have any questions.

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