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For new garage doors in San Diego with unique styles and designs, contact Rampart Garage Doors and get the installation done by a professional.

New garage door installation san diego, CA

Has your garage door seen better days? Looking to update your homes curb-appeal?  We have got you covered!  A garage door is the largest moving object in most homes, and often can be one of the most used ones.  As many homeowner’s primary means of entrance, it is subject to significant wear and tear from years of regular use.  While we are always more than happy to repair a door, there are times that only a new one will do.  Additionally, replacing your garage door can significantly update your homes curb appeal and value.

This is where Rampart Garage Doors comes in with its years of experience and expert installers who have worked on all types of residential garage doors in San Diego.  From repairs to installation, we do it all with great precision.

Our helpful service technicians are available to come out to your property, take all the necessary measurements to ensure a proper fit, and go over all the options that are available to you.  We additionally go over the pros and cons of the different styles and materials, all the associated costs, and together can help come up with the perfect door for you and your family!

This is all of course complimentary as we never charge a service call fee to provide our obligation-free estimates!

New Garage Doors San Diego. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

From Bringing New Life to Existing Doors All the Way to Installing New Ones; Let Rampart Garage Doors Help You Out!

Premium Garage Door Replacement in San Diego

We Supply Top Quality New Garage Doors in San Diego

Let Rampart Garage Door be your guide in your search for that perfect garage door. Our range of new garage doors in San Diego are quite extensive, and our technicians are experts at installing them all!  Our company has centered itself as one of the premiere garage door providers in San Diego with our repeated customer satisfaction and reviews.

To make sure your new garage door lasts, we source all our materials from reputable, trusted, quality-oriented manufacturers.  We also employ the best technicians available and back it all up with our parts and labor guarantee.  We are quality without compromise and remain more affordable than most all the competition.

We can source and install most all major manufacturers of garage doors, including but not limited to, Clopay, Doorlink, First United Door Technologies, C.H.I, Wayne Dalton, Amarr, North West Doors, Unique, AlumaDoor, the list goes on!

Types of Garage Doors We Deal With

Steel Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

This by far is the most common style garage door in San Diego. These doors come in sections that span the width of your garage door opening and typically are somewhere between 18” to 24” in height (though there are exceptions).  The sections are stacked on top of each other until the opening is filled and they are all connected via a series of hinges on the back or the door.  These doors roll up and down on a track on rollers and utilize either torsion or extension springs to facilitate in the operation.  The doors, as the name would imply, are constructed out of steel and can come in single layer non-insulated, 2-layer vinyl-back insulated or 3-layer steel back insulated configuration.  Insulation (or R-Values) can range from 0 all the way up to over R20!  Several options such as a variety of stamping patterns, window designs, decorative hardware and faux woodgrain paint finishes can set doors like these apart from the rest.

Full-View Aluminum & Glass Overhead Garage Doors

If you are looking for a modern twist on the garage door while allowing maximum light in your space, these doors may be your best bet.  Full-View overhead sectional doors are constructed out of thick, extruded aluminum (not steel) and are often loaded with windows.  If you’ve ever seen a garage door that looks like just a series of one window after the other, this was likely it!  The glass can be treated in a variety of finishes to help with privacy, such as frosted, tinted, obscure and seeded textures.  The aluminum, which already has better than average corrosion resistance properties, is typically either painted or acid etched for a superior finish. Unfortunately, as beautiful as these doors are, they are not without their drawbacks.  Glass is often the heaviest item on a garage door, and a garage door built of mostly glass is certainly no different.  Aluminum is used to try and keep the weight down and structural integrity up, but these doors can rival the weight of Wood Carriage House Doors at times.

Wood Carriage House Overhead Garage Doors

When budget is no object, it is hard to replicate the beauty of a Wood Carriage House Garage Door. They often utilize several layers of finish grade wood veneers, for the ultimate in depth of design.  Different types of wood species and stain options are available to match just about any homes needs.  They usually come heavily insulated and can be several inches thick.  As you can imagine, the hardware and openers required to set these doors in motion are often un-rivaled in residential garage door construction and make these doors amongst the most expensive options to install and maintain.

Wood Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

Much like the steel sectional doors, these wood variants operate in the same manner.  Wood sectional doors can come either insulated or non-insulated.  They tend to be more expensive than their metal counterparts but offer the ability to either paint or stain them, giving you more flexibility to their finish.  They do come with detractors as well.  Being in southern California, wood pests, moisture, refinishing and constant maintenance (once every year is strongly recommended) adds to the cost of upkeep.

One-Piece Tilt-Up Garage Doors

The only door variety mentioned here that doesn’t operate in sections, up and down on a track, these one-piece monoliths are often seen on older construction. One-Piece Tilt-up doors typically utilize large hinges on either side of the door and a series of extension springs as a counterbalance.  These doors often do not fully retract in the garage as they hinge in the middle.  For example, if your door is 7 feet tall, roughly 3 ½ feet recede back into the garage, while the other 3 ½ feet flip out towards the driveway.  They do take up less room inside the garage as a result though and are sometimes the only option if there are obstructions, such as a room addition or support beam for a second floor, that bisects the garage.  These doors do make use of the driveway a bit more difficult as you need to give them room to swing. 

Specialty Garage Doors

As time passes, more and more materials are being utilized for garage doors. From composite wood engineered products to fiberglass skins, garage doors continue to evolve.  Even the steel sectional overhead doors have been continually improving, adding vinyl cladding over their steel structure to closer mimic the look of wood carriage house doors.  These garage doors often can come in at a more affordable price point as well.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Rampart Garage Doors to get further information on all the options available to you!

San Diego Garage Door Installation

We Only Offer the Best Garage Doors in San Diego

Rampart Garage Door carries everything from budget-friendly options to premium doors with custom touches, to custom doors that operate on the most cutting-edge door technology. Whether you are a homeowner, property manager or developer, no job is ever too big or small.

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