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Springs are one of the most commonly damaged garage door parts in San Diego, which is why we carry a large variety of them on our service vehicles. However, there are times when you may have a more custom application or an abnormally heavy door, like a Wood Carriage House garage door, for example, that can require the use of larger, more custom sized springs. 

Springs are sized specifically to a door’s weight and on a standard 16ft. wide by 7ft. tall, non-insulated sectional garage door that may weigh roughly 165lbs. and utilizes two springs to lift it, a pair of springs capable of lifting approximately 80lbs. each will do.  These size springs are standard, and amongst those, we carry on us.  What if your door weighs 500lbs. though?  As you could imagine, this will require a significantly larger series of springs to get the job done.

To further complicate things, springs can come in various lengths, interior diameters, and wire sizes that all dictate what the spring is capable of.  This, combined with the sheer number of materials and styles of springs, can be overwhelming:

In any case, we would come out to measure the weight of the door and determine the drum diameter, Lift, and track radius that all affect the type and size of springs required to get the job done right.  Once we determine exactly what your application calls for, the springs can be ordered up and installed once received.  Though these cases are rare, we are very well versed in repairs like these and will get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Types of Residential Garage Door Springs

Rampart Garage Doors has the knowledge and experience to repair and/or replace just about any residential garage door counterbalance system you can throw at us. We specialize in garage door repair Oceanside. So, you can rest assured your garage door will work as well as it has in years once our technicians are done with it!


Below is a list of just some of the residential spring variations we specialize in:

Standard Torsion Springs

These springs are most common and are on the majority of sectional doors in and around San Diego. A torsion spring(s) are typically located above the garage door opening.  They are fixed via a stationary cone and anchor plate on one side of the spring.  The other side of the spring is secured to a torsion tube that runs your garage door’s width and is supported by endplates.  These springs are wound up and are under EXTREME tension when the door is closed.  As the garage door opens, the springs will begin to release their energy, twisting the torsion tube as the door travels upward.  This twisting motion is transferred through the tube to the drums on either side of the system.  Via cables that wrap around the drums and affix to the bottom corners of the garage door via bottom plates provides the necessary lift required to open your door easily.

Sectional Extension Springs

These springs are far less common in and around San Diego than standard torsion springs are and usually are found on older sectional doors.  This system uses a series of cables and pulleys to route the door cables from the bottom of the door to up near the horizontal track.  From there, the cable is attached to one end of an extension spring.  The other end of the spring is affixed to something solid (often the track’s back hang).  When the door is open, almost all the doors weight is supported by the track.  As the door closes, though, gravity begins to take hold.  While the door transitions from horizontal to vertical, the load required to keep the door from crashing down intensifies.  As this is happening, the spring is stretching, acting as a counterbalance for the door’s increased load until it fully closes.  When the door is closed it is under full load and should NEVER be handled.  The largest detractor from this type of system is that there are extension springs on either side of the door that work independently of each other.  This often causes the door to run a bit rough/awkwardly and increases the door’s chance of coming off the track and crashing. The more modern torsion spring system helps alleviate much of the issue.

One-Piece Extension Springs

One-Piece garage door extension springs are found on, well, you guessed it, one-piece tilt-up garage doors. They work much like a sectional extension spring does.  As the door closes and becomes heavier, the spring(s) stretch helps counteract the increasing load.  One-piece doors use large hinges on either side of the door and do not utilize tracks, cables, or pulleys. 

Wayne Dalton Torque Master Springs

If you have a Wayne Dalton garage door, there is a good chance it has a TorqueMaster system. These springs are cased into a tube and are not visible. The system looks different in design but functions similarly to a standard torsion spring. These systems can be repaired or replaced with standard torsion springs.  The conversion requires some additional hardware but can often net you a considerably longer life. 

We are your Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Repair Experts

If you own a Wayne Dalton Door, there is a good chance that you have a TorqueMaster system. This is a proprietary counterbalance unique to Wayne Dalton. Many technicians aren’t comfortable working on these systems, so replacement is often the only option given to the customer. We can offer you options for both repairs and replacement and are more than happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of either.

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A Safe and Secure Garage Door

When the springs of a garage door fail, they pose a significant threat to you and your family. Without any tension in the springs, the door can’t stay up by itself and is at risk of falling. Even if you are familiar with the repair or replacement process, we recommend you call a professional. We will inspect your garage door parts in San Diego and provide a solution that will save you from such problems in the future.

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