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Rampart Garage Doors has been fixing garage doors for more than a decade now. Not only do we offer garage door repair in San Diego but also garage door parts San Diego so that we can give our customers a complete package. We are dedicated to identifying garage door problems and providing quality solutions to them so we can earn and retain your trust.

Hence, to make hiring us for repairs easy for you, we have compiled a detailed list of frequently asked questions that will provide you with the answers you are looking for. If you don’t find your answers here, you can always call us and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Yes, we offer a no-obligation, free quote. Visit our “Contact Us” page, and shoot us an email with the problem you face with your garage door. We will get back to you with a solution and quote within 24 hours. You can also call us on any one of our numbers and talk to an expert about your problem.

You can do the following tests to figure out if your garage door needs a repair or not:

  • First, disengage the electronic opener to see how the door operates manually.
  • Now, raise the door in small increments to see if the door stays in place.
  • Lower the door, and keep an eye on its descent. It should come down steady and not slam on the ground.
  • Raise the door to see if it rises at a steady pace.
  • The fully-opened door should be in such a position that its bottom is aligned with the header’s bottom.

If the door functions properly through all these tests, it’s completely fine and just needs a little maintenance. However, if the ascent or descent is off by even a millimeter or if the garage door San Diego vibrates, call us immediately.

Squeaks, squeals, popping, you name it, are common noises a garage door makes. This is typically a result of overdue maintenance.  It is recommended that your garage door be serviced annually.  A typical tune-up would consist of an overall general inspection of the systems components, tightening of all the hardware, lubrication of all the applicable moving parts, spring tension adjustment (if required) and a check of the opener and all its safety features.  All these items, when properly maintained, can greatly reduce the noise you are experiencing with your door. 

NO! The door at this point is extremely heavy.  The torsion spring on a garage door acts as the doors counterbalance and is responsible for most all the lifting force applied to a garage door.  It is not the motor that does this.  The motor adds the automation to the garage door, so you do not have to get out of the car and do it manually.  The torsion springs do all the heavy lifting.  When a torsion spring breaks, a large portion (if not all) of the garage doors weight is realized.  Attempting to open the garage door at this point creates a dangerous situation for both you and your garage door system.  We recommend calling a licensed, insured, and bonded professional immediately.

If there are visibly no signs of malfunction and you have been taking proper care of your garage door, only schedule a tune-up once a year. This maintenance will help ensure that no garage door parts San Diego are worn out and need replacement.

This is a tough question to answer. It depends on a variety of factors.  Is the door regularly maintained, how often is it used, is it located close to the ocean (saltwater air is very tough on garage doors and motors), has the door been damaged/dented/bent?  These, amongst a host of other factors, can have a large impact on that answer.  Personally, we expect to see openers last between 15 and 20 years on average, and doors besting that by an additional 5 to 10 years.  Please keep in mind though that these are VERY general estimates.  Your motor will likely require few (if any parts) during that span, but your door is likely to require a couple sets of springs and rollers, along with bearings, cables, and the occasional hinge before it is time for a new door.

Rampart Garage Doors is available Monday through Saturday, 8am to 6pm. We are closed Sundays and most major holidays.

There could be several factors preventing your garage door from properly opening. It typically boils down to two of them though.  You either have a broken counterbalance system, or your opener has failed.  If the door only opens 6” to 12” and stops dead in its tracks, the likely culprit are your springs.  If the door does not move at all, or when it does it makes a horrible grinding noise, the culprit is likely motor related.  Either way, we recommend not only calling a licensed, insured, and bonded professional immediately to diagnose the problem, but also discontinue operating the garage door until it is looked at.  Continued operation can cause significant, and un-necessary, damage to other components of the system.

This is likely going to be a judgement call on your part. There are certainly events than can render the garage door damaged beyond repair, forcing you to replace it, but most often doors are replaced because the homeowner wants to change things up.  Except for damaged door panels, most components on a garage door can be replaced for significantly less than the cost of a new door.  If your door has two or more damaged panels though, from a cost perspective, you may benefit more by replacing the whole garage door.

Our garage door tune-up service is critical in keeping your system running optimally. Our technicians will:

    • Complete a general inspection of the entire system (both door and opener)
    • Snug up all hardware
    • Lubricate all applicable moving components
    • Check door balance
    • Adjust spring tension if required
    • Check that the Openers safety features are properly working
    • Re-calibrate Openers force and limit settings if needed
    • Point out any components that are at or are near the end of useful service

This should greatly help reduce the risk of a larger, more expensive issue, from occurring down the road.

If you are not getting anything out of your opener with either the remotes or wall console in your garage, first check and make sure there is power to the outlet the opener is plugged in to. Often, power outages, tripped breakers, damaged outlets, etc… can go un-noticed and cause this issue.  If power is going to the unit, and you are still getting no response from it, we recommend contacting a licensed, insured, and bonded professional.  It could be anything as simple as a failed capacitor to something much more significant like a bad circuit board or motor.

If you have multiple remote controls and one of them no longer works consistently, it is likely a failing battery that is the culprit. On most remotes you will find they take either an A23, or most commonly, a 2032 battery.  If the battery on your remote has been dead for some time, you may need to re-sync your remote to your opener.  Refer to your opener’s manual for instruction on how to do so.  If after doing this you still have no luck, it is possible that your handheld remote has failed and requires replacement.

This is a quite common issue with openers manufactured prior to 2012-2013. Up until then, most openers utilized a single band frequency to communicate between the opener and handheld device.  As more and more things became wireless, and therefore more signal interference existed, the odds of the frequency that the opener utilized being polluted by another device became common place.  This signal interference can reduce the range to the point that it makes the remotes obsolete.  Even EMF (electro magnetic frequency) has been shown to create issues.  Items like charging stations for electric vehicles, transformers, LED shop lights, wireless devices in the home, even LED lightbulbs put in the opener can contribute to this issue.  It is often EXTREMELY hard to determine the source.  Newer openers have largely remedied this problem by utilizing multiple bands now between the remote and opener to help avoid relying on any one particular frequency to be clean. 

Service call charges are commonplace in the mobile repair industry. The garage door industry is certainly no exception. Many companies will charge a fee to cover the costs to send a technician out to your property and give you an estimate for repairs. This serves two purposes for the respective company;

  1. It helps offset any financial loss the company would suffer in the event they don’t get the job (and perhaps even a small amount of profit)

  2. The customer has “skin in the game” now. If you have to pay a $39, $49 or even a $89 service call whether they do the work or not, why take the chance that you won’t pay another company similar money just to find out they potentially are more expensive.

There are several companies that take it even one step further. The ole’ “if you have us do the work today, we will waive the service call entirely!” No matter what, the company doesn’t stand to lose anything to come out and give an estimate, only gain.


That’s not the way Rampart Garage Doors works. You are taking a chance any time you call a repair service out to your home for the first time without any guarantees… It’s only fair we take on the same risk. We almost always end up getting the job anyway because of our customer service, prices and quality of work. It is always wise to get multiple bids to ensure that you are getting the best deal. That’s tough to do when you have to pay a service call to everyone who comes out… and don’t think for a second that they don’t know that.

Absolutely! If you are located in our service area and during normal business hours, we always offer free, in-home estimates.  No service call fees here!

Whether it is an estimate for a repair or a new door and/or motor, they are always free of charge and obligation. If you are looking to have repair work done, our technicians will perform a thorough visual inspection of the system and provide a WRITTEN estimate for the necessary repairs.  If the estimate is for a new door and/or motor, we will take all the necessary measurements and go over all your options there with you.  As always, we would provide a written estimate before leaving.  Our estimates are good up to 30 days from when they were provided unless otherwise specified.

Rampart Garage Doors specialize in all things related to residential garage doors. From the door hardware and springs, to the operator and accessories, we have you covered. Looking to have a door section/panel replaced? What about a new door entirely? We have a solution for all of those as well. We can work on just about all major manufactures of doors and operators (permitting that parts are still available).

We certainly can! We can install most all 3rd party provided openers.  Keep in mind though that often we can provide a higher quality motor than what you will pick up from a retailer and install it for approximately the same price.  Give us a call when shopping motors for further details!

Being a family owned and operated business, Holidays are a special time for us, like they are for most families. As a result, you will find that we are closed for most major Holidays.  If you have questions with regards to hours, please always feel free to reach out to us beforehand.

We are specialists! Our technician’s tend to be a jack of many trades but specialize in only one. If you have a garage door issue, call us! If your house is flooded, I would encourage you to look on Yelp or perhaps Angie’s List.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), along with personal/business checks, Venmo and of course cash. If you have set up a vendor account with us prior to work being performed, we can also invoice your organization as well.

We are almost exclusively a COD (cash on delivery) business. Once the repair is completed as agreed upon payment will need to be collected while the technician is on-site. The only time that this does not hold true is if you have a commercial account with us (ex. Property Management Company). Even with that instance, we request that the account and terms be set up with us prior to any work being completed.

We work with landlords all the time. It is always best to meet us at the property when feasible so that we can go over all the possible options for repair and determine which is best for your investment property. If that is not possible, we make every effort to work with you (and your tenant) and keep you in the loop remotely. This includes us emailing (or texting) you our written inspection/estimate along with sending you pictures of the items that we recommend action be taken on. Once work is approved, we can take care of the repairs and bill you via credit card over the phone or through Venmo.

One of the many things we pride ourselves on is our quick response times. We know that it is tough when a tenant experiences trouble like garage door issues and it is why we strive to offer our customers same-day service. Set up an account with us prior to service so that we can offer you the ability to be invoiced on the work performed. We also may be able to offer volume discount pricing on larger scale products!

We make every effort to work with you and keep you in the loop remotely. This includes us emailing (or texting) you our written inspection/estimate along with sending you pictures of the items that we recommend action be taken on. We understand that time is of the essence when a tenant has a disruption to their normal routine, which is why we also strive for same-day service. Set up an account with us prior to service so that we can offer you the ability to be invoiced on the work performed. We also may be able to offer volume discount pricing on larger scale products!

We encourage you to contact the landlord or property management company prior to giving us a ring. We would love to assist you, but we do not want to step on any toes or get you stuck with the bill should the property owner only use a specific company other than us. If that is not the case, and the property owner has put you in the driver seat, we would be more than happy to come out and give a free, no obligation estimate to you. We also can send the property owner the inspection report/estimate via email or text, along with pictures of the items in need of attention. Should the owner be reachable for approval while we are on-site, we can collect payment via a credit card over the phone, or Venmo, directly from them and often perform the repairs right then and there. If the owner cannot be reached for authorization, we will still leave you with our written inspection/estimate which is good for 30 days for when you do reach them.

Simple. Same Day Service. Fixed, upfront, EVERY-DAY low pricing for our parts and services (no coupon cutting necessary here). No service call fees. Obligation-free estimates.  Bulk pricing available and the ability to invoice you and not operate only on a COD basis when you have a commercial account with us. We also offer an initial consultation when we can come out, walk the premises, and create a repair price menu so that you know what it will cost before we ever set foot on the property to perform a repair in the future.

We do not. This is a slippery slope unfortunately. There are some garage door parts that carry an inherit liability should the consumer hurt themselves while attempting a repair. It is for this reason it is tough to find garage door torsion springs at a local retail store as an example.

We can certainly try! Without being in the garage and seeing all of the intricacies of the issue at hand, we may not be able to give you a 100% bullet proof estimate over the phone. It is a large part of why we don’t feel it’s fair to charge you for us to come out and give you an estimate in person. If you don’t want a no obligation, in person, free estimate from us, we will do everything in our power to take care of your needs on the phone if you prefer. This includes, and is not necessarily limited to, emailing or texting of garage door images over the phone with one of our technicians or an online video chat walkthrough of the door with you.

Just about all of them, assuming that parts are still available. This includes, but is not limited to; LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Marantec, Martin, Access, All Star, Sommer, Wayne Dalton, Genie, Linear, Guardian, Skylink and more.

We prefer to install professional grade products. Our opinion is that you can do no better than LiftMaster. The combination of features, power and durability for the price is hard to beat. They are one of the largest brands in the business for a reason, and the accolades and product reviews can be found everywhere. Since they are a commonly installed product, repair parts tend to be readily available, and most repair companies can service them. LiftMaster offers some of the best warranties in the business. An example of that is their Lifetime Belt and Lifetime Motor guarantee on their 8550W units when professionally installed. With that said, if you have a brand loyalty, we can most likely obtain and install any manufacturer you prefer.

All of them, assuming parts are available. Garage doors are a bit easier than garage door operators (motors) because the majority of garage door parts are in many ways universal. Just a few of the manufacturers we work on are Martin, Clopay, 1st United, Windsor, Wayne Dalton, Door Link, Stanley and Amaar.

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