Service Driven

Rampart Garage Doors takes customer service to a whole new level with our approach to how our technician’s are compensated. It’s a win-win-win for everyone we believe.

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Service (Not Sales) Driven

Traditionally, garage door service companies are a commision pay structure for their technician’s.  What this means to the consumer is that the technician typically makes more money the more money you spend.  I bet you can see the conflict of interest that this may create.  If a dishonest technician is looking to maximize his paycheck, all they need to do is try to run up the number of parts and services that your door supposedley needs, and hoila!  Drinks are on them tonight.  In fact, some companies have technician sales quotas/averages that they need to maintain to avoid being repremanded or having their commission percentage reduced.  This can make honest technician’s perform dishonestly in order to maintain good standing within the company and/or provide for his/her family…  This can perhaps be good for the company’s bottom line but at the customer’s expense, not to mention a potential sleepness night or two for the technician.

We have changed this format entirely!!  Our technician’s get paid an hourly rate.  The more hours they work, the more they get paid.  We also offer bonuses to really help improve their pay as well, but they are contingent upon how happy our customer is.  If they provide excellent customer serivce, we hope to hear from you by reviewing your experience with us.  That review also earns your technician a bonus that we pay for from our pockets as a thank you to the technician for representing our company as we intended.

Bottom line; Our technician’s are happy because no sales quotas and hourly pay mean that they need not worry about their paycheck.  The customer wins because you know that the technician has your best interests in mind becuase they want to get that possitive review, and the company wins becuase a happy customer is a returning customer.  Not to mention the possibility for referrals.

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We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

We are here to help!  Please feel free to contact us with any of your garage door questions.

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